Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visiting Cousins in SD

Isaac, Miriam, Silas and Priscilla headed down to South Dakota to visit cousins.  They had a wonderful time and are really thankful for Uncle Doug and Aunty Louise who put up with them!  While they were there a few others were invited over for a game of volleyball and late night visit. That's Reuben hitting the ball in case you don't recognize him!

And some of the girls that played.  Joshua is the one hitting it this time.

Isaac and Joshua enjoyed a juggling contest with each other.

Lots of visiting, games, and fun going on.

One day they headed out to the Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls.  Pretty awesome water feature isn't it?!

There they are, enjoying the fun day.  


Priscilla and Abby

Joshua and Silas  (I didn't know you were so  big, Silas!)

Always nice to get your picture taken with  President Ronald Reagan!  This was taken at Scheels.  While the kids were gone, Arthur and I took advantage of no one using their bathroom and did a quick facelift for the very, very run down room.  I don't think it was too big of a surprise because they know if their gone for a few days I'll do something to surprise them. They were just very relieved we did it when they were gone as it made a huge, huge mess!!  

One last fun picture.  We were watching the boys yesterday and we decided to introduce them to sprinkler fun.  They loved it!  Jeriah wasn't too sure of the water and Gideon wouldn't step foot near the water but Davy and Daniel sure enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings, and the wonderful, needed rain we got last night!!

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