Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family, Bible Bee, Maze

A four generation picture of farmers on our farm. What a lot of hard work these four do! Well, Daniel works hard for his age :)

The local Bible Bee was this Saturday!  Priscilla did really good and we are happy for all of God's Word she has hidden in her heart.  These are the winners in the senior age division.

Over at the maze, Arthur built a huge bale mountain that the kids absolutely love!!  

This is a Giant Kerplunk game in the fort.  Fun to play, but not so fun to pick back up!  In the background you can see the snake eye game with the dice.  We were very happy to have the H. & H.  relatives come up for opening weekend.

The workers should know better than to get in the corn!  I thought it was a cute pose :)

Both Friday and Saturday night we had smore buffets set up.  I think everyone really enjoyed it, at least we did and will put it on our list to do again, and maybe a hot chocolate buffet if it gets cold out.  

Back to the Bible Bee.  One boy made the Bible Bee logo out of legos.  We thought it was pretty neat.

And our whole local group of Bible Bee contestants.  Thank you so, so much Mitton family for all the hard work you did to host this!!!  We look forward to it next year :)


  1. This is Shelly.
    I didn't realize Amos was so tall! :)

  2. You don't suppose he got his height from me? :)


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