Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hosanna and the Maze

Quite often people ask about Hosanna and how she's doing.  Well, I thought I'd give you an update.  She is really, really busy this week at the Bible Bee headquarters with the local Bee's this Saturday.  She's working lots of overtime, answering phones and all the questions people have, and mailing out things people order.  She's really enjoying her time at the Bible Bee headquarters and has made some good friends.  She's staying with a nice older couple and has been "adopted" into their large family similar to the K. side of our family.  She feels quite at home at their big family get-togethers and does all kinds of things with them. Hosanna is also really involved in a small church where she plays piano and works with their Master Clubs program.  Their trying to convince Hosanna that its probably God's will for her to stay there!  In other words, they really like her!  So, that's how things go with Hosanna in Ohio.  We miss her!!!! She's coming home for the wedding in eight weeks and then goes back till the end of November.

On the home front, we have been having a work marathon at the maze and we are all about to drop on the floor and never get up again!  We are so sore and tired!!!  A good sore and tired!  When I came home tonight I was finally encouraged that we might be ready tomorrow at 1:00.  Not everything will be done, but what needs to be done.  Arthur usually builds a big round bale mountain for the kids to play on, well this year, it is huge!  The kids, and parents, will love it!  We are so thankful for all the help we have gotten from extended family.  Miriam and Priscilla made popcorn balls and filled water balloons as well as did tons of clean up at the maze today.  Silas mows trails whenever he gets a chance.  Isaac has been working up to 16 days for a neighbor farmer.  If you think of it, we give out tracts to each family that come to the maze.  Some won't take them, and others quietly chuck them in the garbage.  Please pray that they will be read and that maybe someone will see their need for salvation.  And that's how it goes at our house.

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