Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hay Season

It's been a good week to put up hay with all the nice drying, and very hot, weather.  This is Joshua H. whose busy on the hay trailer. I know, the bale looks loose.  Maybe a twine broke on it. You can't tell by looking at the picture, but this the hay smells so good!

Arthur takes the bales Josh is throwing him and is stacking them in the hayshed.  We do a lot of round bales  for the beef cows but use mostly squares for the dairy cows.

Hosanna and I had to go check out the corn maze.  This is some of the taller corn!  Amazing how fast its grown this year.  The shorter corn is still well over her waist. For those of you further south, this might not be a big deal, but we usually don't have corn this tall till early August. Looks like it will make for a good corn maze!

The weeks are rolling by so fast.  Don't forget or miss going to church tomorrow!  We heard a great message once titled, "What You Miss When You Miss" by Dr. S.M. Davis.  It is so true.  It seems like the one week a person get sick, is too busy and has other things going on, or maybe just doesn't feel like going, the message will be just the one you should've heard.  I'm afraid it's happened to me!  Please be encouraged this week as well to not loose heart for God.  It's so easy to get our focus on this world and our families.  Don't ever forget God is there and always wants to be first in your life.  If your walk with God isn't what it used to be, find out why not, and fix it!  Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!!!

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