Thursday, August 6, 2015

This and That

The last few weeks we had a nephew, Joshua, staying with us.  What a great help this young man has been!  We have totally enjoyed having him around! Here Joshua is unclogging a mower conditioner.

Another nephew, Matthew, has also been working for us this summer.  Another great young man that we have really enjoyed working with!  Arthur is about ready to adopt some young men after having these helpful nephews around!!  In other words, we're missing having Silas on the farm this summer! Yes, we're quite happy for him though!  Please pray for his wife Karen as she is due in two weeks or less.

We ended up having all the grandchildren over one afternoon and it was really hot so we had a sprinkler party!  David especially loves the water!

The girls were a little more cautious but it didn't take long and they were running through it too.

We had a special kids day at the maze. We had a good turnout and all the kids seemed to really have fun.

Like always, we couldn't do things like this without such great workers, aka, our kids friends and cousins!  Hosanna did a few things with a trick rope and talked about how sin can grab us if we're playing too close to it.

I got some cute pictures of our granddaughters trying out some of the hair things for the maze store.  Isn't she adorable!!

And so sweet!

And so full of smiles!

Matthew got to fly up this week with a man in the community and took our maze aerial photos.  I love this one of the lake that seems to go on forever.  God's beauty is everywhere, especially here at Lake of the Woods!

This is our little town on the river.  In case you can't figure out what's where, right in the middle is the new lake street park.

We're working on getting electricity at the maze.  Matthew put his muscles to work digging the trench for the wires.

Arthur and his dad doing the wiring.

And last but not least is the maze aerial picture that Matthew took.  It doesn't look exactly like I figured it would, but pretty close.  Can you see the T-Rex, triceratops, and apatosaurus?

That pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks.  Isaac has been spending a lot of time on the phone, something we never thought we'd see him do!  Miriam and Hosanna are working hard getting garden stuff done.  Priscilla is frantically working to finish up a new book that she hopes to have out in time for the maze. I'm just laying back sipping ice tea! Ha!  Mainly I've been working on computer stuff for the maze - game cards, maze map, passes, etc.  I'm not sure I'd ever want a full time job working on a computer!

Have a great week with God's blessings!

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